Projects, permits, actions and job history notes
Copies of documents, drawings, images and more

6 Sample Screens from Permit Tracker®

This is the opening screen which shows your Projects list.

Here is a permit and one of its actions (with agency contact) assigned to a project.

Any type of actions from hearings, reviews, drawings, reports, meetings, tests, and more can be set up in our system. The Permit and Action catalogs as well as many other pull-down lists are user-defined. You can track anything you encounter, no matter what types of permits you deal with or wherever you are.

Here is an example of a user-defined Master Catalog.  These catalogs populate the pull-down lists used throughout the system.

You can attach any type of file to your project notes.

Find any of your permit records by sorting on a column, or by using the search box.

Find any of your action records by sorting on a column, or by using the search box.

Click here to see samples of reports from PT

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