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  • 06/28/2017: Version 6.2.9 update deployed.  Details:

    ·         New release with several issues addressed.

  • 02/24/2014: Version 6.2.8 update deployed.  Details:

    ·         On Alerts reports, Projects will be excluded if Status is "Closed," "Completed," or "Archived."

  • 02/12/2014: Outlook®/spreadsheet/database conversion service offered.  Details:

    ·         In addition to database conversions, we now convert spreadsheets and contacts.
    PT has built-in Import capability, from xls(x) and csv (comma seperated values.) You can use
    this for your Client and Agency lists, but if you aren't familiar with csv, Permit, Action, and Note date fields need attention.
    For a reasonable fee, we will do it for you.

  • 01/10/2014: Version 6.2.7 update deployed.  Details:

    ·         Project List report includes status.

  • 02/19/2013: Version 6.2.6 update deployed.  Details:

    ·         Changing Project Number now updates related Job Contacts, Permits, Actions, and Job Notes.  (Changes log and audit file shows the changes, but leaves the original Project Number on old audit records.)

    ·         Alerts report now has customization capability for individual customers.  Contact us to make your modifications.

  • 01/17/2013: Version 6.2.5 update deployed.  Details:

 Permit Tracker® has a new look for easier use and to be more tablet-friendly.

Some recent additions and fixes:

·         Cloning of a Template Project copies all Job Contacts, Permits, and Actions with their Agency Contacts.

·         Reduced the number of “* - Required field” items on many screens, such as:    Email address no longer required for Agency contacts.

 ·         Fixed bug in Alert Emails; now goes to all on Notifications list with Active box checked.

 ·         Reports are improved, such as: Alerts report.

 ·         When Permit or Action has a Completed date, item drops off Alerts list.

 ·         Improved data import and export functions.


Under the Admin menu select “Updates and Features” to look at “Bug Fixes and Feature Requests” to see the details of this and previous upgrades.  Please use this screen to make suggestions, or report bugs by logging in to FlySpray.

 Some new features you may not have noticed in recent upgrades and some tips: 

 ·         On Project Notes, you can enter hours in decimal format: 00.10 = 6 minutes.  The hours you enter on a Project Note are assigned to the person in the “User” box on the note.  New notes default to the logged-in user, but user id can be edited.

·         Under Project Reports is a new Project Hours report which gives you totals by Project and User.  You can filter down to a single user and see their time on each project and totals.

·         Use the “search” box at the top left of list screens to search content of the data.

·         When possible, copy and paste the contents of an attached file into the Remarks field of Project Notes before you save the record.  Now you can search for the contents.

·         Create Template Projects with “Template” as the Project Status and populate the Job Contacts, use “TBD” for Permit Application Numbers, Create Actions with pre-assigned Agency Contacts.  Leave all date fields blank.

·         When you fill-in the Application Number on a cloned Permit, the related Actions are updated with the new App Num.

·         Global Rename of Master list Project Type, Project Status, Permit Name, or Action Name will ripple-effect the change to all live records.

·         When looking at a screen list, select print page, or print all pages, and the formatted results show.  Use your browser tools to print, save, or export. 

We will have the creation of recurring actions implemented soon. Let us know of anything else you want.

You can contact us via e-mail at: or call (321) 723-6213

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