Put your info in one place
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If you are involved in any of these:
  • Civil Engineering / Construction
  • Utilities, Mining, or Manufacturing
  • Event Management or Location Filming
  • Site Operations, Compliance, Infrastructure, and much more...

  • You need this virtual filing cabinet for your permitting information.
  • Our browser-based Permit Tracker┬« will allow you to stay on top of your permits, before they are on top of you!

  • This is SaaS (Software as a Service) and resides on our secure servers
  • You control master catalogs (pull-down lists) of the types of permits and actions that you need to track
  • You'll have an audit trail of your permit acquisition and compliance actions
  • Automated email notifications and reminders
  • Attach contacts to projects such as Banker, Surveyor, Site Manager, Project Lead, etc.
  • Attach agency contacts to permit actions
  • Include live address links to agency online permitting sites
  • Notes you create on your projects are automatically user, date and time stamped
  • Attach copies of documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, drawings, photos, audio/video files and more to project note records
  • Enter time worked on projects by each user and report on totals
  • Export/import data as Excel, Word, or CSV (comma separated values)
  • On screen and printer friendly reports - Export reports to Word, Excel, or email
  • Quickly create project records using your own pull-down lists to activate permit records, enter dates, and add remarks
  • Create template projects with permits pre-assigned to quickly and accurately set up similar projects
  • Assign related actions to permit records from the actions catalog, enter due dates, early warnings, other milestones, and enter remarks
  • Export a project to the next party with all (or selected) details to provide them with defendable proof of the permitting process
  • Need to find something? Click on the top of any column to sort its data or quickly find any occurrence of a number, name, title or etc. with our dynamic search tool. You can enter as little as a single character and it starts showing you matches
  • Now you have the information you need, instantly, at the click of a mouse

  • Produce status reports to inform you of:
  • Project / permit and action status and documentation of the process
  • Submit, response, and resubmit dates
  • Requests for Additional Information (RAI) and follow-ups
  • Pending expirations, early warnings, and other action dates
  • Responses that are overdue from the issuer
  • Any responses from the issuing agencies needing your follow-up
  • Notes related to projects provide an audit trail of your actions
  • Changes to dates automatically recorded in a log file
  • Projects using related permits or actions
  • Fees, deposits, and payments for permits
  • Hours logged by users for time worked on projects
  • All reports can be screen-viewed, printed, or saved to many file formats

  • You can contact us via e-mail at: or call (321) 723-6213

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