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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Who uses it?
    A: Anyone who needs to plan and track their permit pulling process. It can also be used to track the compliance stages of the life of permits. It provides an audit trail of each step of your process including documents and the people you dealt with at each stage of your permitting process. Our flexible export formats allow you to provide the audit trail of the selected parts of your actions you want to give to your customers so they have a real-time legal breadcrumb trail to defend their permits.

  • Q: How simple is it to get started?
    A: The online help system includes getting started and first steps sections. We also offer unlimited free phone/WebEx training and help. We can walk new users through the entire system using WebEx in about an hour.

  • Q: We developed a spreadsheet, how is this better?
    A: Do you want a spreadsheet wide enough to include project details, the many people connected to projects, the permits, actions, notes, and image snapshots (not possible in spreadsheets) of each document during the process?

    How about the agencies involved and the individual contacts at those agencies you encounter for each stage of your permitting process? Now try to include a log of changes made to data by each user as we do.

    Can you control the view/edit access level for each person looking at the specific data in your spreadsheet?

    How quickly can you produce a report with the pertinent information you need regarding projects, permits, actions, notes, documents, agencies, and contacts?

    PT was developed to give you a custom tool that has layers of related data so you can quickly add new information (without repetition) by quickly drilling down to what you want to update.

  • Q: Can we import our existing data?
    A: Yes. Your IT staff can do it. Or we can convert your lists, spreadsheets, or databases for a reasonable fee based on the number and size of your files.

  • Q: How does it learn about the types of permits I deal with?
    A: You have control of the permit and action master catalogs (pull-down lists) you then use to create live records to track the permits you encounter.

  • Q: Do you have a pre-loaded list of permitting agencies by location?
    A: Our low price reflects that we don't have the staffing overhead to populate the agencies and contacts data for each location. It is very simple to build these look-up (pull-down list) tables yourself, or add records on-the-fly as you enter permit records for your projects.

  • Q: Isn't this just a database? My IT person says they can write this in a week.
    A: Simple answer to a simple question is, no. This 30th anniversary version of Permit Tracker® is written in PHP programming language over a MySQL database structure. There is over one year of development in just this version alone. The skill we have is demonstrated by the easy operation of this very complex tool. Look at the low price we charge and ask yourself if is is worth waiting and paying for your IT person to try to replicate what we have done.

  • Q: What other fees are involved?
    A: None. The simple yearly subscription is based on the number of users you have. That includes access from anywhere by anyone you authorize. Updates are free, automatic, and seamless.

  • Q: We issue permits, can Permit Tracker® help me?
    A: No. Permit Tracker® is designed for and used by permit pullers and holders. There are many other products which are designed for use by permit issuing agencies. We do have many customers that are government agencies who also need to pull permits from other agencies for their own projects and facilities.

  • Q: What is SaaS? (Software as a Service)
    A: Instead of downloading and installing the program on your computer, the Permit Tracker® program and your data live on our servers. You use any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox to run it from any browser equipped device (computer, pad, netbook, or smart phone.) We assign you a unique web address that you bookmark and then you log in with your username and password.

  • Q: Can anyone see my data?
    A: Only people you give your unique web address to and assign them a username and password. This is very handy to let a client, consultant, or staff at other locations see and/or update your data. You can control their level of access from reading only certain data to full update powers and many levels in between.

  • Q: Do you keep my data private?
    A: Absolutly! We have never and will never data mine, sell, or reveal your data to anyone.

  • Q: Why do I want to use Software as a Service?
    A: There are three main advantages, the first of which is being able run the program from anywhere on your browser equipped computer, pad, netbook, or smart phone. Secondly, we make programming updates automatically as part of your subscription price. Thirdly, we have mirror servers and back up your data automatically.

  • Q: What happens to the program and my data if you go out of business?
    A: You can backup your data to your own email address as often as your want. It is in open architecture MYSQL format. You can also export your data in Excel, Word, Comma Separated Values, and .XML (web page) formats. We've been in this business for over 30 years and are proud of our customer service. If we don't sell our operation to a new full service provider and decide to fold our tent, each and every customer will receive a fully operational downloaded version with their data attached to be installed on their own computer.

You can contact us via e-mail at: or call (321) 723-6213

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