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Where did this idea come from?

In 1986 a Civil Engineering firm in Lakeland, Florida hired us to write a custom computer program to help their Permit Coordinator.  We digitized her methods and six months later our custom program was at work for them.

We saw the market potential and made an agreement with that first firm to allow us to take it to market. We spent another six months making the program user-defined and flexible. We named it Permit Tracker and started selling it to other permit pullers (and holders.)

Then what happened?

We keep updating the product and adding features we know users need based on our interaction with customers and shared knowledge of the methods of companies in our marketplace. If you don't see something you need, just ask, we will respond.

The newest version you see here is our sixth generation product. We foresaw the current nature of computing, hence this browser-based Software as a Service tool. The advantages of this type of program are always having current data at hand no matter how you access it, making real-time updates, run it from anywhere, redundant web servers, our secure automatic (and your manual) data backup, seamless software upgrades, and a mobile app version.

You can make suggestions and keep track of updates and new features from within the program.

You can contact us via e-mail at: or call (321) 723-6213

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